Days like these

Days like these


Whilst working in Gloucester yesterday, I parked my car by these huge, juicy elderflowers.  I knew that those in our garden were coming into flower and that we needed to swing into action if we intended to make the 2015 vintage elderflower cordial a good one.


So, this morning, my hero and I gathered the first heads ready to begin.


Making elderflower cordial is one of those memory prompts in our family and today was no different.  So yes, a tear was shed as we wandered back across the garden and remembered happy days like these.

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Occasionally someone will ask why I keep my blog.  I usually offer the same answer: I keep it for myself, to remember both the special times and the ordinary days so that I can revisit them whenever I like.  On days like these, it’s especially good to look back, to remember and to observe the rhythm of our lives.  At some point in June every year, I’ll write an elderflower cordial post and in spite of all the associations with that process, it’s actually rather therapeutic. 

Almost as therapeutic as actually getting on with it!!

I love my job

I love my job

Done!  Finished!

Done! Finished!