I love my job

I love my job


Even if it takes me out of the house at some evil hour on a Sunday morning.  Because, at that time of the day, it takes me no time at all to reach my destination so I can spare a few minutes to sit and enjoy the view from the Common.


It was a beautiful morning after a pretty horrible, wet yesterday, so I was especially appreciative of the blue sky and sunshine.  I’ll bet the cows were, too.


I don’t normally work on a Sunday.  In fact, I think this was a first, but I was happy to agree to visit a rare weekend-long class which was taking place only a stone’s throw away from me.


Though I will admit, it didn’t seem quite such a good idea when my hero nudged me awake at 7.15am.


The venue where the class was taking place was new to me, too.  Strange how, one can live in an area for years and years and yet still find a new place down a hitherto unexplored road.


I sat for a few minutes reflecting on the lovely landscape in which we live.  Sure, it rained all day yesterday, but without that rain, I wouldn’t be looking at such a green and pleasant land, would I?


I spent some time reading a little about the wildlife in the area too, thanks to a thoughtful Parish Council who’d taken the time to create an information board for people like me.


Once inside, I found other interesting things to see as well, including some glorious photographs from the village archive.  Sadly, they don’t photograph well on a bright, sunny morning, but you get the idea – lots of lovely memories of happy days.


I expect, like me, visitors to the hall love to take a closer look at them and pick out the faces, imagining how much life in a Cotswold village has changed over the years.  But of course, I had work to do and a fascinating class to observe.

As usual, I left eager to learn more about the subject, too.

A beautiful day

A beautiful day

Days like these

Days like these