Done!  Finished!

Done! Finished!


I finished my holiday journal over the weekend.

At last!


I don’t think I’ve ever lingered over one quite so long as this time.  Still, it’s finished and I’m pleased with it.


As usual, it’s stuffed with way too many pages for the size of the coil binding, but hey ho, it’ll just have to be tied closed.  Just in time, I remembered the little bag of goodies to bling up the binding – a key ring given to us in Taipei, a shell necklace in Boracay and some beading in Kota Kinabalu.  Sadly, the beading isn’t really practical to loop onto the spine, so I just removed the label and tied that on there instead.


I like to bling up the coil binding with “stuff” because it makes it a little easier to identify each journal when they are on the shelf.  Otherwise, one coil binding looks much like another.


I have quite a collection of holiday journals, so the shelf looks quite jolly!


Is there room for one more, though?  Maybe there’s a space in there somewhere?


I’ll squeeze them all up – of course, they are all much fatter than those spiral bindings would have you think and it’s not easy.


But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Does that mean I have to tidy up now?

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Days like these

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