The Desert Breeze




I was working at Denman College near Oxford on Monday and returned to my car in the late afternoon to find it covered in dust.  I had no idea that we’d been in the middle of the Sahara Dust which has been blowing our way throughout the last couple of days.




The Met Office blog, where I found this image, explains it very well and puts the size of this “cloud” into perspective, too.  That is some cloud!




Actually, we have a little Saharan sand of our own, sitting on the cloakroom windowsill with a couple of other sandy samples from other places on our travels.




It was collected here, in the Libyan Sahara, when we were there in 2010.  I was tempted to telephone Chris Evan’s show this morning with my Top Tenuous story about the desert:  There we were, standing miles from nowhere and our guide Mohammed took off his shoes and socks and stood wriggling his toes in the sand for a while, before uttering the memorable words,

“Aaaah, Weston Super Mare!”




The Sahara is such a magical place and there is indeed a lot of sand – rather more than at Weston Super Mare, as anyone who knows that place will confirm. 




Mind you, I brought home a fair amount of the stuff in the shoes I wore that day.  They are not shoes I wear very often, but every time I do, I still get a little pile of sand on the floor when I take them off.  That means there’s probably a little Saharan sand on the floor of a few places in and around Machu Picchu as well.

The stuff gets everywhere!

We were warned

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