We were warned


The advice this morning was to stay inside and not do anything too strenuous, so perhaps it was a little foolish to go outside and work in the garden? 




We didn’t think the smog had reached our part of the country when they were issuing the advice this morning, but as we sat drinking coffee and looking over the valley, it definitely looked as if something was in the air.  Maybe not Saharan sand but a thick layer of smoggy mist was hanging over us.




Mind you, there were other little airborne hazards for those prone to sneezing at this time of the year as well and though my hero didn’t consider himself to be amongst that group, this morning he admitted defeat and took refuge indoors when it got a little much.




Those heavy, smoggy skies don’t really provide the best backdrop for the lovely blossom which is opening right now.




So I was persuaded to look down, to the primroses which seem to have found every nook and cranny to bloom this year.




Whilst I was out there with my camera, I thought I’d have a little look at my favourite lichen. Here’s hoping it won’t be harmed by this horrible air we are experiencing right now. The view is that it will all be blown away tomorrow by winds coming in from the Atlantic.  Looks like we’re going to be sending it back to France, from where it came.

Bon Chance!

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