On Mothering Sunday




Edward is home, lunch will be cooked for me and I have some beautiful flowers on the windowsill. 




There are more flowers here too, for my m-i-l, who will join us for lunch and the two of us will be banished from the kitchen as the men take charge.  I expect the conversation will include a few family stories because we’ll be thinking about our own mothers today.


Lily, Edna and Doris, Christmas 65


My Mum loved to play cards.  A childhood spent in a strict Methodist household where Sundays were observed meant that her family would gather around the card table for a game of whist or rummy on Sunday afternoons.  Though the cards didn’t come out very often at home, I recently found this photograph from 1965 of Mummy sneaking a look at my Nan’s hand.  Judging from the pile of pennies alongside her, I think she’d hit a winning streak!


on the swings in Newquay


Being an only child meant that my Mum was always there for me and of course, I miss her as much as ever.  All kinds of things throughout every day prompt sweet memories but, on one day a year, it’s especially good to sit down and acknowledge what an amazing woman she was.

The Desert Breeze

There once was a bear from Peru…