There once was a bear from Peru…

As the story goes, his Aunt Lucy came to visit him, ostensibly to watch a rugby match but then she decided to stay and the rest is history.




When she first arrived, she was dressed in Peruvian style, but over the years, her clothes have become shabby and have been replaced by other, seasonally appropriate outfits, often matching those of her nephew, with whom she stands at the top of the stairs.




St Nikolaus  on the 6 December in particular is always a big day in terms of special outfits.




When we were in Peru, I thought often of Aunt Lucy and her clothes and thought that perhaps, she would like to return to wearing a traditional outfit, as befits a Peruvian lady of a certain age.  Whilst out shopping, I bought a piece of fabric with the thought of making her some new clothes.




What do you think?




She has a skirt and matching shawl, worn around her shoulders just like the old ladies we saw.  She carries a bundle too, though bearing in mind her advancing years, it’s filled with polystyrene packing chips.




Sadly, I’m defeated by her hat and need to think a little about how to make her a new one.  Recently, she’s been wearing a little bowler hat, but it’s really too big for her and she can’t see a thing when she’s wearing it!




Maybe I’ll have to make her one like Julissa’a Mummy, whom we met in Ollantaytambo?

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