There it was, gone…


We were looking forward to an evening with friends last night and when I sent out the invitations, I was thinking about some kind of theme for dinner.  Should I think of some new and curious dishes to try or stick to old favourites?  Or maybe come up with some Halloween or Guy Fawkes idea?  But then I realised it was going to be Movember.  Not only could this be fun, but what better cause to support, I thought?

So when I suggested to the gentlemen, please wear your best “mo”, I thought that they’d all get out the eyebrow pencils or find one to stick on.  However, I really shouldn’t underestimate my friends, because word soon got around that David was going to grow the real thing and of course, if one is growing then the others won’t be far behind.  As the week rolled on, I heard a few mutters from the women, none of whom were enthusiastic about their heroes' new project, even if my own hero curiously won  acclaim from the gentlemen in his choir and not only found himself centre of attention but receiving of advice and admiration too.

Meanwhile, I was having fun.




Recognising that a few props might be needed, I put my Silhouette to use and having created some masks-on-sticks for the children at Halloween, I made something along similar lines for the eight of us.




I downloaded some fun bits and pieces from a great website and set to work on the menu.




Though I went for a few old favourites, I managed to find a few puns here and there and of course, made sure we had plenty of tashews and moustachios to nibble with our Mojitos.




Needless to say, the evening went with a swing!  After one or two mojitos, moustaches were appearing in all manner of surprising places.




By the end of the evening, when all that was left of the jellies and ice cream cocktails was the washing up (and a few empty bottles), we said goodnight to our friends and (most of) their moustaches.




This morning, only one “mo” is left in this house, too, and thankfully, it’s a paper one.




So the friends who’d invited us to lunch at the rather smart Wild Rabbit were disappointed, for they’d been looking forward to my hero’s appearance providing a source of amusement! 

What a yummy lunch we had with them, though!!

Just for the record

I don’t really like Halloween