The calm before…




…the fun begins!




We’ve enjoyed sunny days out in the garden, getting things ready for a few weeks of fun with friends.  The weather has been remarkable, really, and we’ve been pottering about and enjoying being at home.  Yesterday afternoon, whilst my hero was at his choir rehearsal (there’s a couple of big concerts coming up), I sat on the bench up near the summerhouse with my book and Radio 4.  Unusually, there were no gliders overhead, no-one was strimming or mowing the lawn and everything was peaceful.




Gradually, the clear blue sky clouded over and as it did, a strong wind came from nowhere, depositing something on the bench alongside me.  I nearly jumped out of my skin!




This little twig was to blame.  It had blown off a nearby tree and was absolutely covered in the most fascinating lichen.




What a little treasure!  (Though that’s not what I said when it narrowly missed my head)




Tomorrow, I’m heading out with a few hundred of my friends to London, where the NFWI AGM will be held in the Albert Hall on Wednesday.  Coincidentally, Nita and Paulene have the private view of their exhibition at the Mall Galleries tomorrow evening, so I’m looking forward to meeting up with them and a couple of other chums to see their masterpieces on show.

When I return home on Wednesday evening, our dear friends Allan and Jane will be here from the USA, to spend a few days with us before boarding our favourite ship “Voyager” in Southampton at the weekend and sailing off into the sunset.  We’ve got the flags out already, as you can see!

The red, white and blue

The roses are painted