The red, white and blue


Oh my, what fun we’ve had so far




We’ve had such a busy few days, there’s hardly been time to breathe, let alone blog.  I’ll tell more about the wonderful exhibition I saw, about meeting five thousand colleagues and the fun we had with four lovely friends this weekend later.  But for now, since we’re in the Jubilee mood, let’s stick with it.




It was super being in London last week, to see the bunting and the flags everywhere.  The atmosphere was very special and I got the impression that everyone was pushing the boat out; doing their best to ensure that the city sparkled.




I couldn’t resist a sneaky look at the preparations for tonight’s concert, for which we would have loved to have won tickets.  Never mind, we’ll watch on TV and stay warm!




There was a Garden Party at the Palace that afternoon, so parked cars lined The Mall.  It still looked good.




The Royal Parks people had been busy too.




Doing the shopping for our friends’ visit this weekend was fun too.  I’ve never seen so many special editions of familiar products!




Saturday afternoon, a last minute and rather hurried visit to Cheltenham turned into a really fun exploration of classic cars.  The men were happy taking a walk along memory lane, admiring the MGs, Triumphs and Aston Martins and we were happy to browse the fashion shops of Montpellier to find that special little black dress.




Someone even had a “royal” hug…




The house feels strangely empty this morning as our visitors have all gone.  At least I have a new book to read until the concert begins later.


(I don’t usually post pictures of my friends here, but Jane was happy to have her “royal” encounter recorded!)

Through the rainy window

The calm before…