Through the rainy window




We’re just about jubileed out here.  How about you?

Reading the comments from my last post sent me immediately to my Paddington book to check his Union flag of course, because that’s just the kind of thing which niggles me.  Well spotted, Lesley – I now need to read the rest of the story to find out if indeed, he is in distress!  Knowing Paddington, that is highly likely ;-)




Anyway, we’ve had a relaxing weekend, watching most of the celebrations on TV and whilst I think it’d have been grand to have been there and participated in some of the London events, I will confess to feeling thankful for cosy slippers and a comfortable chair!  It was telling that the solar panel on HMQ’s handbag hasn’t always been able to gather enough power for her to keep waving all weekend; in fact, it’s been pretty dreary here most of the time.




It was a good opportunity to get out the commemorative china though, my parent's’ Coronation mug taking pride of place amongst the collection, which now includes a Diamond Jubilee mug as well.   The mug commemorating our “nearly King” Edward VIII is there too, but relegated to the back!  That was a lucky escape for us all, I think.




It’s probably time to change my little cut out Queen out of her finery now and into the alternative outfit which was thoughtfully provided for her.




As I write, perhaps she is also changing into a pink monogrammed tracksuit and relaxing in front of the TV?  I hope someone remembered to switch on the recorder, especially if it’s usually Prince Philip who does such things?!  I imagine he was watching the proceedings as they happened, which must have been really hard when he surely would have given anything to have been at her side.




I can’t imagine that the royal corgis really get dressed up in that no-nonsense household, though, can you?


Hasn’t it been a marvellous weekend of celebration?


The red, white and blue