The roses are painted


At last.  This afternoon I finished the pot in time for our WI competition tomorrow evening.  Let’s see, it must have taken me nearly a month and cost me…we'll, perhaps I’d better not work that one out!




I did three in the end, the yellow flowered one above being the least successful, I think.  In fact, I didn’t bother to varnish that one and might well paint over it!




I think this one is the most successful, but when I got my plant ready to pot up, it turned out to be rather too large for the small pot I’d painted.  See, the challenges keep coming!




This slightly larger pot with pinky flowers on it was my nearly-favourite, and so it was this one which will go to the ball.  My plant – a scented leaf geranium – sits in it nicely.




It’s not a masterpiece – far from it – but neither will it embarrass me in the way I feared when it was all going wrong!




Let’s hope the judge is feeling kind!




Have you noticed the sunshine today?  We’ve gone from shivery cold to blazing heat within a couple of days.  Amazing.




We’ve been out in the garden this afternoon, enjoying the fruits of our labours earlier this month and admiring the gorgeous blooms of the irises and poppies which are responding well to the little blast of English summer weather we’re having.


The calm before…

and then…