After the ball was over…

After the ball was over…

Our feet hurt!

We checked into the hotel in Kensington and would have been happy to have spent the evening doing very little, but a sandwich on the coach and a few teatime fancies are not really enough to keep body and soul together.  We put on our comfiest shoes and went out onto the High Street to find some supper.

At this point, I regretted not having done a little research.  I simply thought there’d be a Pizza Express, Ask or something similar within a stone’s throw.  That’s probably true but we turned left instead of right and missed Bills completely, stepping inside the pretentious Balans instead.  Thankfully, we weren’t looking for anything special, so it was adequate…


We had a good breakfast to look forward to, anyway!!


And a yummy lunch with Edward at the lively Caravan at Kings Cross (once we found it).


With the unmistakeable Suzy Menkes on the next table, we were amongst the fashion set it seems.


in the afternoon, Persephone was calling.


There was another siren call, too, but we resisted. We had friends to meet, places to go.  Pre-theatre supper with Barbara and Marg in Covent Garden – after all, it must be at least two hours since we’d finished lunch.


I’d booked the theatre a couple of months ago, thinking that Beautiful would be fun.  I didn’t quite anticipate that there’d be at least half a dozen WI ladies on almost every row, nor that the show would have us all singing along and wanting to get up and do the Locomotion!  Every few minutes, the story would wind around to the development of a new song, we’d hear some notes or words and the anticipation built…

You never close your eyes any more…. whoa whoa wwwwhoa

Well, you can imagine the rest.  Those poor souls who’d expected a quiet evening at the theatre probably went home disappointed but the rest of us had a great time!

We caught the bus back to the hotel, joined by another bunch of friends from Glamorgan a few stops along the way.  Did someone say the WI was in town?

The Big Day

The Big Day

It started with a queue…

It started with a queue…