Instant Gratification


I’d spent the morning writing lesson plans and other, similar programmes when I looked at my watch.  11.30am and I’d more or less completed what I needed to do so I looked forward to an afternoon to do as I wished and clicked Pinterest on my toolbar thinking I’d mooch about the internet until my hero was ready to go to the pub for lunch.

Well, it is Friday, isn’t it?


Fullscreen capture 04102013 113852


Oh, those are fine green shoes…and hmm, my friend Jordi has posted a video.  What’s all that about, then?


Fullscreen capture 04102013 113917


Butin Collar cast on?  What?  I think I need to investigate further.


Fullscreen capture 04102013 114017


As usual, Ravelry has the answer and this is looking interesting.


Fullscreen capture 04102013 114000


Ten minutes after seeing that little video on Pinterest, I’ve bought the pattern, paid for it using PayPal and am downloading it.




A couple of minutes later, it’s printing out and I’m looking in my bead drawer for #6 and #8 beads.




I think I have some, somewhere…  I’m pretty sure I have the needles and the yarn as well.




Well, that’s what stash is for, isn’t it?  Why we keep these things on hand?  And, having assembled the “ingredients”, we went off to the pub for lunch. 


No, don’t be silly, of course I’m not wearing the necklace this afternoon!




It’s blocking on the ironing board Winking smile

All fiction, of course

Ordinary days