Ordinary days




Thursday must be “my day”, because I just opened my blog to write a new post and see that it’s a whole week since I last had anything to blog about!  Well, that’s probably not strictly so, but I’ve been working the last three days and in between the report writing, class visiting and meetings, I’ve been assessing portfolios which the postman has been delivering at regular intervals.  I enjoy keeping busy, am always pleased to see days filled with mixed activity and like to tick things off my list.

Are these “ordinary days” then?  Days with nothing special to write home about, as my Nan might have said?  When the only photograph I take all day is a little heap of fallen leaves, blown into a heart shape by the wind?




Or when the news of the day is that one tree over the valley has turned the most amazing shade of fiery red?




Today was “my” day, once I’d finished a heap of assessment work and tied up one or two loose ends of admin and I was pleased to spend it at home.  The rain was pouring down until an hour or so ago when I snook out into the garden for ten minutes and enjoyed “the sweetness of the wet garden”, a phrase which brings back days of a Cat Stevens LP and a Dansette record player in my bedroom.




I wasn’t the only one to be making the most of the break in the showers – the caryopteris was abuzz with activity and I only had to take around twenty or so photographs to get one with a recognisable bee – the others were just a blur!




But in between the files and folders, I have done a bit of broomstick crochet as promised.  Not a great deal, but then I’m not sure that there’s much to learn, once the basic principles have been grasped.  I’ve done enough to recognise that yarn choice is key, however, and that a fairly loose twist cotton isn’t the best one for a beginner.  Anyway, I pinned a few ideas on my Pinterest board and we’ll see if I feel inspired to do more or not.




So for now, let’s hear it for quiet days like this.  Days when we have enough to do but are not overwhelmed.  Days when an email from faraway friends arrives with exciting suggestions and plans for sunny days to look forward to, when there’s apple crumble in the oven, I’m in the middle of a good book and there’s something good on the telly!

Who needs excitement?!

Instant Gratification

Around to it.

Around to it.