This week




It’s been a funny old week.  At times, the sun has come out and we’ve really believed that Spring is here.  At other times, we’ve sheltered from the downpours, gazed into the black clouds overhead and wondered when it will finally stop raining.  Just when we’ve sat back and felt relieved that we’ve had our roof repaired, there has been another steady dripdripdrip and our patience has been tested further.




A Bank Holiday meant a short working week, so we can’t quite believe it’s Friday!




A rainy holiday Monday was a good opportunity for me to play with my Craft Robo/Silhouette and to discover the “print and cut” feature.  Ooooh, what a clever trick that is!  I downloaded the library card above, printed it out and ran it through the Robo, watching amazed as the machine cut it out perfectly.  So clever!  (Mind you, I did think that having paid 99c for the file, they might have added a cut line to punch the hole, too)




On Tuesday I was working in Cirencester all day, and visited a new place for lunch. I’ve heard so many good things about Abbey Home Farm and my friends were correct, it is well worth a visit.




I went to Carmarthen on Wednesday, to judge the first round of the Rose Bowl competition for the Royal Welsh Show.  The entries were really good – and as always, it was fun to be with like minded friends.




One of the fun competitions was for a knitted Olympic athlete and there were some great entries for that.




I especially liked the swimmer – do you remember when we had to wear those rubber swimming caps with chin straps?!  I didn’t get to judge this competition so could simply stand back and enjoy the characters!




Last night, my dear friend Glenda did a wonderful demonstration of Italian Cooking for my WI, who couldn’t wait to get in there and taste it all!




Finally, today I had a meeting.  Yes, it required me to do the chocolate run to get us through it all!




Whilst I’ve been busy, my Hero has been making plans and booking hotels in four exciting cities.  We’ll visit bottom left next month, bottom right in the Autumn and the top two early next year.  Can you guess where we’re headed?

Mr Blue Sky

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