Mr Blue Sky




Looking up heavenwards this morning, that Electric Light Orchestra tune was going through my mind.

Why did you have to hide away for so long?  (So Long!)




Well, me and the little pansy faces were smiling today, even if I have got the heaviest and most horrid of colds.  It was one of those mornings when it was good to go outside and feel the sunshine on my face and to breathe in the fresh air.




We haven’t quite got rid of all the scaffolding yet – or rather, it was all gone until a heavy rainstorm last week highlighted one last (please!) weak spot which will involve removing a couple of roof panels.




It was so good to look out over the green fields again and feel that those warm days can’t be far away, can they?




It was a fine morning to visit my own piece of art in the garden, created by my talented friend Paulene, who has an exhibition to hang today at the Menier Gallery with the wonderful title “Between a rock and a hard place”.




To admire the wonderful whorls of the ferns as they unscroll themselves and quietly take over a small corner of the garden.




And to observe the deep shadows in the stone walls, the beautiful sunshine bringing out all those little details that we overlook on an ordinary day.




Oh yes, Mr Blue Sky is living here today!

It didn’t last long…

This week