Creative flow


Sometimes the creative juices flow easily, at other times, it’s less easy to get started.  For the past week or more, I’ve been mulling over this years Christmas cards and working on the germ of an idea but not quite getting it going.  I’d sat down at my desk on several occasions and decided that the day’s project would be to make the cards…and yet I got nowhere.

Within half an hour yesterday morning, I had the (totally different) prototype finished and had printed off the component parts.  From now, it will be a mere assembly process, which will hopefully leave us plenty of time to write our greetings.




Yes, the subway art has proved to hit the spot in this household, the more so since it references our public transport heritage so well.  It was only after publishing my last blog that I recalled moving into the house on Fairway Road South, on the day before Christmas Eve, 1981.  It had snowed heavily and to protect our brand new carpets from the feet of the removal men we used old bus destination blinds!  Ah, those were the pre-digital days.

Imagine our conversation when we see these things for sale!




Anyway, back to the creative flow!  I had cut a box of numbers for my December Daily journal with my CraftRobo the previous afternoon and it was still sitting there beside me on my desk.  Browsing through my favourite blogs, I came across this one


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Of course, I had to make one  three!  Craft Robo was worth its weight in gold.  Can you imagine the “joy” of cutting all those precise shapes?




The end result was satisfying to make and the pattern worked very well indeed.




Simple but effective, no?  So generous to share this great idea and the template too!  I was very grateful I didn’t have to work that out for myself, I can tell you!




I wasn’t the only one making things yesterday – there was plenty of construction going on upstairs too, in the room which will become our walk in closet.  In the photograph you can see the old flat roof of our garden room and the frame from the old lantern window which has now been extended into a pitched one with the Velux window.  The walk in closet is much bigger than we’d anticipated and we are very pleased so far.




But oh my goodness, look what has become of Mark’s wardrobe.

Friday 4pm

Subway Art