Subway Art


This is a new one to me.  When I opened the email from the new Mouse Paper Scissors class yesterday and saw that the project was to create Subway Art, I hadn’t really got much idea of the kind of thing in mind.  But as the day progressed, as I worked through the project, I began to see where this was going and, I must say, to rather like the concept.




The prompt was about gathering all the old addresses from our past and between us, we managed to remember them accurately – even though some of those places were very short-term!  But there was a small seed of doubt over one or two of them – did we really live at number 276 or was it 25-something or other?  And that “plot number” – didn’t we get a proper address before we moved on?  What number did that become?  So that sent us to Google Maps and then, of course, we had to take a look at streetview!


Fullscreen capture 15112011 115607


and there it is…house number 2 of our four “married” homes.  Hard to imagine that we lived there at all, so short was our stay.

As the day progressed, it was quite fun to fiddle about with the text, to fill in the gaps with other bits and pieces and to create something rather effective from not-very-much-at-all. 

Not only that, but I discovered a whole new raft of ideas by following a pinterest link.  I think I might just have found something worth developing further.

Creative flow

Creative flow

and then