My job title – Curriculum Lead – doesn’t really offer any clue about what I actually do.  So when asked to elaborate, I often rely on a short phrase: Enthuse, Encourage and Enable.  I am frequently accused of that last one (with a wink) because I really do like to share any interesting discoveries with my like minded friends and one in particular (you know who you are…) is very easily tempted.  I make no excuses because everything I do is legal, honest and more often than not, just jolly good fun.  But yes, now and again, I have heard the words “Oh, you are such an enabler!” in that tone of voice, for sure.


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This morning, I was on the receiving end, though.  I was mooching through some Pinterest pages I’d stumbled upon last night, and one particular pin caught my eye.


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Folded paper bracelets?  How neat are those?  With a cup of tea in hand and having decided that I’ve earned a morning to myself today, I followed the link to a very interesting page, right up my street and with a very tempting sidebar full of links to follow up, too!

Scrolling down to the folded bracelets, I found the link to Fiber Lab and found all kinds of very clever paper manipulation there.  I am in awe of people who can think their way through such designs and who can create beautiful three dimensional objects from a two dimensional piece of paper and this particular one is so clever!

Don’t take my word for it, download the pdf here and have a go yourself!


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What impressed me most was the marvellous presentation of a fairly complicated technique on a single sheet of ordinary paper.  The information is all there, shown in such a way that anyone could follow and create a paper bracelet from scratch in less than half an hour.








Sadly, it’s just a little on the small side for me, so I need to enlarge it in some way.  But isn’t it clever? 

Thank you, Justine, for sharing your work!  I love it.

11am, November 11th

How much?