How much?


Whole Foods opened its doors in Cheltenham yesterday, so I dropped in at the same time as the whole population of the area it seemed, for a quick look around.  I’m a fan already and am delighted to have a branch so close to me.  Though I’m not a regular buyer of organic produce I  fully support their local foods initiative and always look enviously at the huge range of goods on offer when I’m in the USA – or in London for that matter.




I stopped by in between two work commitments and was feeling peckish.  A slice of delicious mushroom and ricotta pizza hit the spot and if I could have made my way through the crowds to one of the other fresh food counters, I might have washed it down with some juice or other.  I sat at one of the picnic tables, warmed by the logfire adding a pretty nice touch to the outdoor area to the side of the store and enjoyed a fine bit of people watching.  But time was pressing and I had to do my “real” shopping at Sainsbury’s next door – which was as quiet as the grave.  The young woman on the checkout asked if I’d been “over there” yet, because she was looking forward to finishing her shift and seeing what the fuss was about.  Earlier customers had told her all about it, she said, but had found it “a bit expensive”.




It will be interesting to see if Cheltenham can support the £12 apple pie.


Bah humbug