Bah humbug


It’s the third of November.  We’ve been shopping for a couple of colourful  cushions and a throw for our redecorated bedroom, which is about as nearly finished as it was a couple of weeks ago but now has posh new curtains hanging at the window.  But what did we find?




It appears to be Christmas in Bristol.  After a couple of hours in the company of every man woman and screaming child in the county, we’d had enough.  We didn’t find the cushions we had in mind and the throw we bought doesn’t really fit with our ideas either, so we’ll probably take it back.




We stopped off a the pub on the way home for lunch.  It’s Christmas there too.




A heap of post waited on the doormat – gift ideas to indulge loved ones (at Lakeland?  Really?)




Well, maybe here?  Ok.  Perhaps I’ll be tempted to take a look ;-)




This is our recycling basket, already brimming over with offerings from here and there and I suspect there will be a few more on the pile before the day is out.




We will console ourselves with one new arrival at our local Lidl which resolves any feeling of bah humbug and goes rather nicely with a lebkuchen biscuit (thank you, Karin!) 

After all, it is the third of November.

How much?