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Yes, it’s a bit dark because the heavens were about to open and we had to put all the lights on, even though it wasn’t yet 5 o’clock.  But, less than an hour after the last post, the socks were finished and blocking, even if they are way too big for the sock blockers I have!

The Cat Bordhi pattern I used is fun to knit and creates a weirdly shaped sock which somehow fits my hero’s feet perfectly.  Deduce what you will from that. I think we’re talking high insteps or fallen arches or some such feature.  What makes these socks particularly well fitting is the area where most of the shaping normally goes on – where the foot turns into the ankle – and this pattern opens up that area very well indeed, making them easy to get on and off, because there’s plenty of room around that corner.  I guess that’s why they look as though they’re made for someone wearing a cast on their foot.  hmm.




No sooner had I completed the socks than I was casting on 220 stitches on a large needle and starting the Big Herringbone Cowl.  This requires more tenacity than knitting skill, but is shaping up fairly well after only two l-o-n-g rows, knitting two together and only dropping one stitch off the left hand needle.  Slow going but mindless knitting – and perhaps what’s required after two complicated socks?




As I was finishing those socks, I wondered why I’d left them so very close to completion?

I don’t like the colour.

Is that enough of a reason?  Or a mere excuse?


(As I type, the electricity keeps flashing on and off.  It’s really windy and rather squally today and it looks like we might be in for some fun – if you know what I mean!)

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