Back to..?


Even though it’s a few years since the start of term featured on our calendars, the first Monday in September retains all of those associations.  I began the day with a list and felt motivated to work my way through it, ticking things off as I went.

Don’t you think the ticking off is the best bit?

Having ticked off a fair few items, I decided I’d earned some blog reading time.  First up was Needled, which had a link to the new online Rowan magazine.  Five minutes of glorious colour, beautiful knitting and fantastic photography later and I can feel the knitting mojo coming back.  So, what’s it going to be?


Will it be the Honey Cowl?  I bought some soft-as-soft-can-be yarn in John Lewis sale earlier in the year and it would be perfect for this project.


Will it be the Shadow[]box?   The picture on the pdf of the pattern shows it knitted in black, which isn’t a great colour for revealing detail and though I remember being very taken with the design when I first came across it, my memory hasn’t recorded all the small points.  Time to go and take a look at Ravelry and see what others have done with it.


I clicked on a link and found this, which looks right up my street and could also work well with my softest of soft yarn.


in the sitting room is one of my fabric bags with an incomplete crochet wrap in it.


my hero is quietly awaiting the socks I’ve been knitting since...ermmm…and which need only the rib finishing off.  Knitted to one of those complicated Cat Bordhi patterns, once I’d done the “fun” bit, I lost interest.  However, unlike my friend Jordi, I avoided the second sock syndrome by knitting both socks at the same time.  How clever was that?


(I guess it’ll be the socks then)

Ta da!