Gadget Girl




I taught one of my favourite classes this morning.  Being of the firm opinion that contrary to all evidence, techie gadgets are not purely the domain of the under 30s and that they work equally well with a female hand on the controls, I very much enjoy the chance to prove my point.  What better way to spend a morning than encouraging eleven wise and very capable women to spend time finding out a bit about these small gadgets and what fun they might have with them?

In no time at all, photos were being bluetoothed to the Pogo printer, videos were being shot and there was a little tussle over who was going to get hold of the voice recorder next.  Imaginations were running over with ideas for recording the family history during a daily walk and there was a squeal of delight as someone completed a puzzle on my iphone.  The benefits of Kindles and ebooks were discussed to the sound of Abba coming from an ipod attached to a lego block speaker and one by one, everyone found something to amuse and delight them.

Without doubt, the favourite thing of the morning was the voice recorder, which was about to be added to several birthday lists – until I revealed to them the likelihood that their mobile phone would have one included.

Cue the sound of eleven wise and very capable women quickly switching on their phone and discovering something they’ve had all the time but never knew.

I love my work!

If at first you don’t succeed…

Learn something new