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I had an email from Shimelle yesterday, alerting me to the fact that her  daily “Learn Something New Every Day” prompts will be dropping into my email box very soon as her class begins again.  I’ve followed this class for a couple of years now and though I remembered the first year very well and could bring the book I made immediately to mind, I couldn’t for the life of me recall the one I made lat year.

That’s because I didn’t finish it.

I remember thinking that I was pushed for time last September and deliberately chose a simple format.  Without too much bother, I soon laid my hands on the half made thing, lurking in a ziploc bag by my desk.




Fortunately, also in the bag were the remaining photographs I’d already printed out ready to include, so I quickly got the glue out, printed the captions and in no time at all I’d completed the book. There it is in the basket of other small books, looking a bit like a carrier bag, because I’d chosen to make the cover from a bunting-design bag I received when I bought slippers last September.  The slipper story is just one of those inside.




But also inside was a completed page, reminding me of the pair of shoes I bought and quickly returned to Russell and Bromley.  Because this time last week I happened to be passing R & B in Oxford Street when it was pouring with rain and like any other sensible (!) person might do, I dived into the shop to see what was what. (I was sheltering form the rain, really, honest!)

What should I find on the stand of reduced price shoes but those very same shoes I’d returned, marked half price and with the anchoring rings for the crystal still in place.  When I looked closely at them, I felt almost certain that these were the very same (slightly worn) pair of shoes I had returned this time last year – though of course, I am only 99% sure…  As one of the assistants came over to ask if they could help me, I pointed out that although these shoes were a very attractive style and colour, there were two curious rings attached to the chain on the front and if I wasn’t mistaken, I had returned an identical pair which had a crystal hanging there which broke.  To give the chap his due, he looked suitably sheepish and said that yes, he seemed to think that was the case and if so, these shoes should be marked as “substandard”.

And second hand?

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