Moving right along

Moving right along


Though I have a little pile of Bernina goodies staring at me, begging to be opened and explored, there was no way I could allow myself to open them up until I’d completed this year’s December journal.


I got started easily enough.  I’d spotted a pad of 12” paper which was heavily reduced in Michaels when we were in Washington and though I’d told myself I needed no more Christmas supplies for now, it proved to be my go-to design for much of the month. 


My December journals are never right on trend. I choose not to follow the pocket methods which so many have adopted because not only do I keep my Project Life going throughout, but messing about with a glue stick and a pair of scissors is quite therapeutic at this time of the year.  So, though I admire the cool designs and very considered approach, mine will always be somewhat haphazard and be rather more personal. 


I don’t pre-plan and begin each page as it comes, though I try some some consistency by including a common design feature to each page – this year, it was the date stamp.


At times this year, it was really hard to keep it going.  For much of December I felt below par having picked up some kind of lurgy which made me cough and cough and cough some more.  But looking back over previous years, I knew I just had to complete it.


And hooray, I did!  My 2014 December Journal will take its place in the basket alongside those from previous years and I know that we’ll love revisiting the events during the run up to Christmas 2014.  For every page in there which records something new, something particular to 2014 there are others which tell the same story as every year.

That’s why I love it.

One way to spend the day

Bye Bye Christmas