Gadget Girl


I believe passionately in making technology work for me.  I enjoy making use of anything which will make my life easier and more fun.  I am always especially delighted to find something which will enable me to do something I couldn’t do before or had never even thought of doing.  As a result, one of my favourite classes to teach is one I call “Gadget Girl”.

Oh, the other reason is, that instead of packing my car with all of this




instead, I can just take this




I take great pleasure in revealing the contents of this small 8” x 6” bag and removing nine of the ten wonderful technological marvels that bring me a great deal of pleasure (and allow me to share it with you, too!)  The tenth item – my ipad – doesn’t quite squeeze down that small and will have to travel independently.

I’ve spent the day getting it all together, printing handouts and getting the paperwork together ready to spend a fun day with the Gadget Girls of Lechlade WI tomorrow, snow permitting!  We’ve cancelled once because of the weather and I think they are as determined as I am not to be beaten once again.  By the end of the day, they’ll not only have lots of ideas of way to make use of all of this kit, but may well discover they own much of it already and might even carry it around in their pocket without realising.




Oh, and just in case, I have a bag with the chargers and the cables ;-)

Managing without – or not?

Managing without – or not?

with one week to go