Making Valentine cards

Making Valentine cards

The blogs and websites I read are full of ideas for Valentines Day.  Though we don’t mark the occasion with anything like as much enthusiasm as some seem to do, a card or two is normally sent, especially to friends of the smaller variety.  I don’t think my idea is new or original in any way, but in the spirit of sharing, this is what I’ve done this year.


I found a bag of tiny cards and envelopes in the stash.  Dated 2001, I have no idea if such things are still available, though actually, they’d be a cinch to replicate.

To give an idea of size, I’m working on a cutting mat with a one inch grid.


They’re just over a square inch when folded.


I’ve used patterned origami paper which is plain on the other side.


Folded in half.


Opened, turned over and folded in half again, along the diagonal.


Opened and repeated the fold along the other diagonal.


Then I made that origami fold which creates a triangle, with sides folded in.


I drew and cut a heart shape using the centre as the bottom point of the heart.


I tried to get smooth curves by opening the scissors wide and cutting in one smooth cut rather than snip-snip-snip.


I used a square of my favourite double sided tape on each side of the folded shape to adhere it inside the card.  Stuck one side first


Then opened up, removed the tape backing and folded the card closed.


It fitted snugly within the card – perfect.


Time to write in the greeting.


There.  But the front looked a little empty and needed something.


I have only a large rubber stamp but thought those small motifs would fit well.


I inked just one motif using a small “catseye” ink pad


I carefully cleaned excess ink from the adjacent shapes


Then broke all stamping rules by applying the card to the stamp rather than vice versa.  That made sure I got the motif in the right place.


Which looked pretty good, I thought.


Finally, I couldn’t send these little cards in a plain envelope, so tied a ribbon around and glued a small pressed rosebud on the join.

All done – and still a week to go.  That must be a record!

and home by bedtime

and yet…