and home by bedtime

I didn’t quite expect to travel so far today.  We’ve got exciting travel plans on the horizon but today was to be spent at home mostly.  It was only as I settled down in the late afternoon with a crochet hook in hand that I realised how far I’d been.

I began here.  Somewhere in Yorkshire. Aaah.

A couple of hours passed but that lovely crochet scarf/shawl wouldn’t go out of my mind.  I returned to my desk and pinned it to my Pinterest board in the category “I could do this – could I do this?” – because as some will know, I am not the most confident of crocheters.

I returned to Yorkshire and followed the link to France.  An interesting tour followed en francais before l hopped over a few countries to Japan, to find the book. 

Finally, I found myself in the USA, because my linguistic skills do not match my aspirations when it comes to crochet.

The result?


That strategically placed ball of yarn hides all kinds of sins.  But hey, who’s going to be examining it closely?

(you never know ;-) )

48 more flowers to crochet.

Of course, I had to come home via Bristol, to buy yarn, too. 


on 2011-02-13 19:53 by Gill Thomas

I was taught well.



Making Valentine cards

Making Valentine cards