I don’t like having things in my ears.  I’m not altogether sure I like things on my ears and were it not for the fact that a thirteen hour plane journey is coming up, I’d be quite happy to forget altogether about such things.

Much as I love music, I don’t need it 24/7 and can happily enjoy some peace and quiet from time to time.  My entertainment on public transport comes from people watching rather than creating my own personal sound bubble and so my ipod and associated paraphernalia usually lurks at the bottom of my bag amongst the stray polo mints and old pencils.




Shortly after I got my ipod, I decided I couldn’t bear the earbuds any more and splashed out on some B&O earphones (or “high tech jewellery” ?) They sit comfortably on my ear and don’t need to be stuffed in to stay in place.  However, shortly after I bought them, the rounded rubber tip was lost from one of the curved pieces and try as I might to get it replaced, it wasn’t possible.  It doesn’t affect the sound at all, but from time to time I need to push the whole thing together again.  A minor irritation but a constant reminder that however much one pays for such things, the smallest component can fail.

Still, I was fairly happy with them until I read of a new alternative.




I saw a review of the new Bose IE2 earphones in one of the papers, so hot footed it into a local hifi shop to see what’s what.  With a promise of a full refund if they didn’t suit, I didn’t linger and am pleased to report that I’m happy with my purchase.  The earpiece doesn’t fit right inside the ear, but sits just on it, supported by the soft gel-like piece shaped to fit the curve outside.  The sound is good, though the young man in the shop offered to adjust my ipod sound settings to maximise the potential of the earphones when I’m next in town. 

Will I still feel as happy with them after prolonged use next weekend? 

Watch this space.

In the meantime, when it all gets too much, I can snuggle my alternative speaker to my ear instead.





and home by bedtime