What a difference a day makes


A different soundtrack altogether this morning.  Anyway, a bit of Hugh Jackman can’t be a bad thing on a Friday morning, can it?




It’s one of those days when we find ourselves looking upwards and referring to flightradar24. The plane in the picture is a Singapore Airlines flight from Changi Airport to JFK via Frankfurt, by the way!




I couldn’t stop taking photos this morning, though.  The mist in the valley and that bright blue sky above was captivating.  Chilly, for sure.  Damp underfoot too, with dripping leaves and slippery paths.  But absolute heaven to stand and stare.




As the sun rose in the sky, the landscape changed, minute by minute.  Who needs to travel further afield to see autumn colours?




I took another photograph.  And one more, just in case.




Then, came in for a hot drink and some (late) breakfast, taking a look at the polar bears on the way (all my own work, made a few years ago on a stone cutting course at Denman College, by the way)

Now?  time to go out again and take some more photographs!