The sun has got his hat on


Hip hip hip hooray!




The second morning this year that I’ve been able to enjoy my breakfast outside; the first morning I have finished my breakfast outside and didn’t have to go back in, shivering, half way through.

I might even say it was “hot” out there, at 8.30am.




Of course, I had to keep an eye open for coiled up things near the pond.  Still haven’t got that one sorted, sorry to say, but at least the waterlily leaves are beginning to cover enough of the surface to reduce the amount of blanket weed in there.  We used to fight a losing battle against it, until we heard a professor of biology admit that this single-cell organism had got the better of him, in spite of all his advanced knowledge.  So, it’s ok to give up the challenge and simply trawl through the water with a stick from time to time!




It was lovely to enjoy the sunshine at last, to see shadows and look up to a clear blue sky as the Air India flight from Mumbai to Newark flew overheard, having made a stop in Frankfurt. 

(oh my, what a time waster that website is….)




Most of all, it’s good to finally shed those long sleeved clothes, to feel a little warmth on the skin and enjoy being outside in the fresh air.

Disaster averted

Sit quietly and no one will notice you