cue Ladysmith Black Mambazo this morning, and it would indeed be beautiful rain, were it not for the fact that much of our roof stands stacked on a garden path.




Of course, we knew that the minute the tiles were taken off, the weather would change.  Fortunately, they’ve sealed everything up well and as far as we can tell, no more than the usual drips (which they are going to resolve) are appearing.




All that scaffolding does mean that the outlook is particularly dreary and the kitchen very dark indeed.  So a jaunt to Cirencester to do some food shopping didn’t seem like too bad a prospect, even if the temptation to stay snug and dry at home was rather more compelling.  However, I didn’t take into account the blinkered approach which is adopted when wearing a hood or using an umbrella.  I’m with that US Senator here and believe that negotiating a town centre, crossing roads and walking along a busy pavement demands one’s full attention. This morning I found myself feeling particularly irritated by people who simply weren’t concentrating!

Things were so bad I just had to buy myself a dress to console myself ;-)

What a difference a day makes

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