Life is good


Coming home from Frankfurt on Monday means that this week’s been a day short, somehow.  Long lists of things to be done meant that we felt a bit shortchanged  and the weekend was upon us before we’d really noticed.




It’s been a fun week, though.  I’d arranged to spend an afternoon with my WI – Avening – making small books and enjoyed a happy time with friends, gossiping, drinking tea, sampling Chris’s excellent biscuits and admiring their finished projects.  We are a talented bunch, I can tell you!




I have had great difficulty deciding what to wear this week, though, because one minute it’s been hot and humid, the next minute, the heavens have opened and there’s been a downpour.  Still, we’ve been lucky to avoid the worst of the weather, thank goodness.




I have been rather preoccupied though, trying to get things done and knowing that I was working all day Friday and teaching a class Saturday morning too.  I love to be busy.  I like nothing better than to spend my days going from one thing to another; working with interesting people and to come home at the end of the day feeling that I’ve made a difference.  But at times, I find myself asking if I’m juggling one plate too many – and this was indeed one of those weeks.  Something had to go and sadly I didn’t make it to my book group.  I still intend to read the book, most probably on the plane sometime next week.




Because yes, another jaunt is imminent and I’m hoping that by the time we’re back, this lot will be gone.  Builders and their bits and pieces seem to have become part of the furniture around here and it would be lovely to come home to a clean and finished drive.  We paid the stonemason a visit yesterday, to discuss a new house name (Seaview?)  and I was delighted to hear him say that he’d hand cut the letters in the stone on this one, rather than machine or sandblast it.  Ever since I did a bit of stone cutting with my Mum a few years ago, I’ve so admired the skills needed to cut letters well and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result.




A bring and share lunch at work yesterday meant that a brown rice salad was needed.  Except I went without it to begin with and had to turn back!  Maybe another sign of having just one or two things on my mind right now?




Still, a fun couple of hours making cards with the ladies of Benhall WI in Cheltenham was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  We sprayed ink and got some marvellous results, some of which were made into cards.




They made some beauties!




Now, I’ve just got to put everything away into my studio before I begin on tackling the remaining things on my list.  Tempting though it is to leave it till tomorrow, I know that if I don’t get on with it now…




it’ll still be there looking at me tomorrow, when I’ll have a whole new list of things to do!

Road Trip Journal ready

Road Trip Journal ready

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