Home Delivery


We went into Cirencester to do our shopping this morning, having the luxury of time to shop in the greengrocers, our great local butchers and our award-winning bakery.  Of course, there’s the added attraction of the best breakfast in town too, raising a morning of everyday shopping into something a little more special.  When all of that is done we can go and buy the boring stuff that’s still on the list, like Pledge polish, at Waitrose on the way home.

Whilst we were out on this cold January morning, others were having their shopping delivered, by Sainsburys, Waitrose, Tesco or by Teddy.




Here he is, making his way up the lane this morning, ready for a day on his delivery rounds.  He might not be in the news so much now, but he’s still there, busy as ever.

Monday Morning Mystery

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