(nearly) all safely gathered in


We made our way to Cirencester to meet Mary from the coach which arrived on time and without ado.  Having got down our hill successfully, the main roads were OK if a little slow moving.




The “blue sky” isn’t really as you’d think, but the tint in the windscreen that fools us into thinking we drive in perpetual summer!




Whilst Mark went to wait at the bus stop, I took the opportunity to get those last minute things which I’d normally look for on Christmas Eve, together with one or two surprises.  The pavements in Cirencester were not good – this is the main shopping street – and I couldn’t believe that not one single shopkeeper, publican or banker had cleared their bit of the street.  Poor show, Cirencester.




After a spot of lunch, it was time to venture out one last time for a while, to meet our boy from his train.  Delighted to escape from the pressures of Westminster for a few days, he brought his usual gentle humour and kitchen skills with him and I have plans to delegate a few of the kitchen tasks in the coming days.  It’s great to have him home!


So, just my m-i-l and the turkey are still to arrive.  Nearly there.

Good things

Best laid plans