A favourite place


We’ve just spent a couple of nights in one of our favourite places.  The colours of the Devonshire Fell Hotel never fail to lift the spirits on the gloomiest of January days, though spirits were far from gloomy on this trip!




We drove up on Tuesday, taking a rather different route from our usual one and making a short stop where gold eagles perch on drainpipes





and where the interior decor reminds us of a visit we made to Las Vegas, a few years ago.




Such opulence.  So many curiosities.  So very Trafford Centre!




Having paid homage to St Michael and his friends, we stepped outside to find the most remarkable winter sky and continued our journey into Yorkshire.  Arriving in Skipton with plenty of time to spare, I stopped by The Fent Shop and Samuel Taylors in Embsay, dearly wishing they were nearer to home whilst at the same time, wondering if it’s a good job they’re not!




As we made the final leg of our journey, over Barden Moor before dropping down into Wharfedale, the late afternoon light was so magical, we stopped for a few minutes to take it all in.  What a magnificent place to be on a day like this!







The view from our window at The Devonshire Fell is a favourite.  We’ve sat watching the postman making his way down into the valley and the dustbin men working their way up and over the hill on previous visits.  This time, we simply stared and enjoyed the peace of the early morning.




Whilst one of us went into Harrogate, for curd tarts from Bettys and a day in the fresh air, I spent the day in the company of some remarkably talented women, who were eager to share their skills and more than one or two giggles with me.  What a great way to spend my time!




This morning, our favourite view was rather frosty and the temperature rather lower than we expected.




With the car de-iced, we were ready to leave for home.




With one last stop along the way to take in enough of that glorious landscape to last us until next time.

Ah, Yorkshire.

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