Black Gold

I’ve heard it said around here that you may consider yourself cultured when you can listen to the William Tell Overture without picturing the Lone Ranger.  When I read the words Black Gold, I immediately thought of the Beverly Hillbillies, so heaven knows what that says about me!

Anyway, we’re not talking about that kind of black gold here, we’re talking Black Gold sewing needles, which Father Christmas very generously included in my stocking – yes, I must have been very good last year.


I was given an assortment of sizes, all of which are quilting needles, all of which are very small – for which, read tiny.  Perfect for me, who likes to use a small needle, given the choice.


With a roll of binding to attach to a fairly large quilt, I had the perfect application, so having machined the binding in place around the edge, I settled myself to begin the satisfying job of turning and handstitching round.


The first challenge is threading the needle.  I notice on the Clover website, someone has requested larger eyes, so clearly I’m not the only one to need a little patience.  But, using the “pinch and push” method of threading (pinch the thread in between your thumb and index finger and push the end into the eye before pulling through) it takes only a dozen or so goes before you achieve success.


The needles are a joy to use, smooth and sharp enough to slide through layers of fabric like butter. 


Nevertheless, the use of a thimble is recommended.

Oh my, I think I need shares in Clover!

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