A fine city



We are enjoying our few days in Quebec tremendously.  Our hotel is so stylish with visual stimulation around every corner.  We have yet to spell out anything from the letters on the carpet but can’t help reading them every time we walk along the corridor.




Loving colour as much as I do, I was particularly captivated by the arrangement of apples on a tray in the lobby, the colours of which matched the furnishings perfectly.  Gorgeous.




The visual stimulation doesn’t stop at the hotel door, either.  Here, outside a perfectly ordinary shop in the old town, there’s a fantastic pair of planters with colour to make the heart sing.




In fact, throughout the old town, we find ourselves taking hundreds of photographs, all three of us!




Little windows in stone walls, begging to be captured and taken home.




Little flower filled streets, at this time of the morning, peaceful and empty.




Of course, that soon changes.  Street musicians entertain us, though this one amused too, in his 17th century French dress, playing Abba hits.  Strangely, the music carried on as he stopped to take the money from someone buying a CD!




But really, walking along the Terrasse Dufferin boardwalk, high above the river, it’s easy to imagine we are back in Victorian times.




When life was as gracious and relaxed as we are.


O Canada