O Canada




We made it over the border with only a cursory look at the passports and a couple of questions this morning and here we are in Quebec.




We have to remember “on parle Francais ici” – or rather, we have to remember that everyone else does.




We paid a brief visit to the fort at Chambly before taking a scenic route along the “Rue des Patriotes




The monument to the Patriotes in St Denis sur Richelieu was another small diversion before we took to the motorway for the last drive to Quebec.




We loved these white metal roofed churches along the way – this one taken using the zoom on my camera from a speeding car, but hopefully giving an idea of what attracted us to them.




As we neared Quebec, the skies cleared and the sun came out.  Phew.




Our hotel is stunning, with the most charming features: this one in my bedside table!




Hotel art here is a series of museum-quality installations.  More to follow!




Our after dinner walk along the Dufferin terrace was accompanied by another stunning sky.




What a backdrop to a fine city.  We are so excited to be back here and can’t wait to explore tomorrow.




Mary is excited too.

A fine city

Dejeuner sur l’herbe