We can’t help ourselves but take photographs of the lovely things which surround us here.




Mark’s patience is tried as Mary and I make frequent stops to capture another little treasure.




They are so beautifully displayed with flair and imagination.  But of course, there’s a world out there to discover and it’s no good hanging around here all day ;-)




The Montmorency Falls are to be found just up the road and we headed there this morning.  We chose to forego the opportunity of walking over the bridge in favour of viewing the falls from a more solid walkway.




One of us finds climbing too many stairs a challenge, so sadly (!) we had to forego the chance to take this route to view the falls as well.

Did you hear me sigh with relief?




We’d got quite a list of waterfalls to visit today, and the “Sept Chutes” was the next location along the way.  Here, it wasn’t so easy to get up close and we contented ourselves with viewing just five of them from a picnic spot in the woods.




Third and final waterfall stop was the Canyon Ste Anne, where the woman in the ticket office reassured us that it was an easy, flat walk around the pathways.




She didn’t mention that bridge.




There might have been more challenging ways of getting across the canyon but believe me, walking across that narrow, swinging, bouncing, wooden footway which had gaps in between the planks was frightening enough for me.

No, I didn’t stop to take a photo.

Yes, my knees were shaking by the time I reached the other side!


We made a short stop on the way home to visit the Jerusalem Cyclorama, adding another panorama to our collection.  Though beautifully painted, we felt that the area in between the viewing platform and the painted canvas was not so well integrated as other panoramas have been.  The figures were two dimensional and blended into the scene less effectively than, say, those in the Sevastopol panorama.  Nevertheless, the spectacle was as stunning as we’d hoped and finished our day’s sightseeing off nicely.


To Montreal tomorrow.  A bientot Nadine!

Elegant company

Elegant company

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