The Guuggemusig, as promised

First, the Munchenbuchsee Taktsurfers

Next, the Altstaetten lads who, as band number 52, brought up the rear of the procession.  The two young Civil Defence chaps brought up the rear, having stood still for the whole duration of the procession, gratefully accepting whatever sweets and sausages (yes!) they were given.

What do you reckon to the costumes?  The face paints?

After they had passed by, we scooted through the small streets to the Town Square and equipped ourselves with gluehwein before heading into the narrow "final stretch" to watch the parade go by a second time.

Finally, the Chepfschytter band, who I see are looking for a couple of new players.  Any volunteers?

I think the children from the Steffisburg Playgroup looked pretty good too, didn't you?  It was very cold by that time and their fur waistcoats were a great choice.  As for the Samba group - perhaps they had the prize for the most elegant of the afternoon!


All in all, great fun!

Off again