Unsurprisingly, our morning in Zurich resulted in one or two extra bits to squeeze into our suitcase.  Whilst in Heimatwerk we'd fallen for the herdsman to accompany the fine cow who stands in our sitting room. There was also the "fresh" chocolate from Laderach and two vacuum packed slices of our favourite Fleischkaes which we thought would make a yummy lunch. We put them into a check in bag and set off for the airport as the snow started to fall.

By 5pm there was an inch or two but no delays forecast.  We smiled as we took the shuttle to Terminal E, enjoying the three minute soundtrack and the clever video screens which feature a rather grown up and glamourous Heidi waving and blowing a kiss to us as we passed.  The soundtrack is a little disconcerting to begin with as the last thing one would expect on an airport shuttle is birdsong and a low mooing!  But as the journey progresses, the cowbells begin to chime, the alphorns sound and that glorious harmonic style of a yodel choir attracts everyone's attention and the soundscape is complete.  Aaaah, Switzerland!

We had our usual joke with the security staff as our Sprungli carrier bag containing a Zuger Kirschtorte and a couple of boxes of Luxemburgerli was swallowed up by the x-ray machine - they always comment that we might not see them come out the other end - and we headed to the lounge.  By this time, serious snow was falling and small fleets of snowploughs were clearing the runway - thankfully so efficiently that there were still no delays.  Our flight left more or less on time, having had the man with the deicer spray the plane first and we landed at Terminal Five as planned.

But one of our suitcases didn't.

Yes, the one with the cowherd, the chocolate and the Fleischkaes.


At 10.15pm last evening, some 50 hours after landing, we had a phone call from the driver of a delivery van requesting directions.  At 10.40pm Mark was finally able to unpack his things.


The Guuggemusig, as promised

Take a walk in Zurich