Off again

Dear me, that snow in January meant that all kinds of plans had to be changed and so we find ourselves in Yorkshire this weekend, following through arrangements originally planned for the first weekend of 2010.


First stop was Thirsk on Friday, where I had the privilege of working with some very talented embroiderers whilst Mark took a look at a few railway engines.  We both really enjoyed our day and met up late afternoon to continue on towards Helmsley and Harome, where we looked forward to spending a comfortable couple of nights.



A short stagger along the village street is all that's needed for a pretty good supper (not that we couldn't have enjoyed a great evening staying put at The Pheasant)  A table at The Star is to be coveted, however and does not disappoint.



We woke to a misty Saturday morning and after an hour or two in Northallerton, we headed for Barnard Castle, to the Bowes Museum.



How amazing is that?  This incredible combination of sun and mist, of blue sky and low cloud was magical



However, what lay inside was better still.



Brand new textile and costume galleries where exhibits are displayed in the most marvellous way



So clever that its possible to see all around and even a little way inside these exquisite creations.



Where for a small fee, permission is granted to take photographs so that the smallest details can be saved and brought home with me.  Beautiful goldwork, for example



 or, in the next gallery, a close up shot of Napoleon III's boots.  How clever of the artist to create the glossy shine with a mere flick of his paintbrush.



The metal galleries have also been remodelled, here showing a table setting laid out vertically, in a most attractive way.  The transparent materials and clever lighting show off the metallic shine so well.



The star of the show here is undoubtedly the Silver Swan, an automoton which is allowed to perform once a day.  At 2pm a crowd gathers to watch the 40 second performance - magnificent!

What a great way to spend a foggy February afternoon.  Definitely somewhere we'll return.


Today, we've explored another masterpiece for the first time.



The Ribblehead Viaduct is as amazing in real life as it is in pictures.  One of those feats of engineering which left us in awe of the men who dreamed they could achieve it.



Standing here at the foot of one of 24 immense arches in this vast open landscape, we felt very small indeed.



No steam trains puffing over the viaduct today, sadly, but a great cup of tea in the kitchen of our friends down the line in Long Preston!

Not to mention a delicious supper and a comfy bed tonight in another favourite haunt.


Where have all the Singers gone?

The Guuggemusig, as promised