The story of the glitter

The story of the glitter


Remember these from last month?  I’ve gone into chandelier production here and soon found myself short on the silver glitter.  Looking around the room, I can see twinkles everywhere which might explain why there wasn’t quite enough to cover the next chandelier – it was covering everything else!


It was lovely, fine glitter, though I really couldn’t expect such a small pot to go very far.


I hunted around and found another tube of silver in a cupboard, but this was pretty coarse stuff and the end result was a bit heavy handed


Anyway, it didn’t go far either.  Time to buy more.  Except that in Cirencester yesterday, there was not a single bit of silver glitter to be found anywhere (except on me, of course…I was twinkling with the best!)


The Pound Shop had this gold glitter glue but really, not only is a nasty colour, it’s more glue than glitter and wasn’t good at all.


So, today, in the Gloucester branch of Hobbycraft, I picked up a large pot of silver and a small one of white, for a little alternative if needed.  I left the empty pot there for size comparison – I don’t think I’m going to run out now, am I?

I also bought a couple of fine tipped squeezy bottles, to better control the glue and avoid that horrible lumpy look in the photo of the chandelier above.


That’s when I spotted the silver glitter paint.  Hmmm.  Might be a better option.  It was very cheap – less than a pound – so I dropped it in the basket as well.


If only I’d found this first.  Silver glitter in an aerosol spray: so easy, so quick!


Comes with the added benefits of solvent, too.  We are happy.  We have silver, glittery chandeliers.


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