Glitter Central


My studio is covered with a fine sheen of glitter these days.  The floor twinkles in the sunshine and every surface appears to have been sprinkled with stars.  Yes, you could say it needs a bit of a clean up!




But the recent Silhouette sale of ready made designs for my cutting machine meant that I’ve been distracted by one or two fun things, one of which is this little Gingerbread house.  It came together so quickly and looked so cute, I cut another couple of them out to take with us when we kept our two small friends company on Saturday evening.




They found it surprisingly easy to make, having no problem at all choosing the best glue to use for each part and applying it so carefully that it didn’t go all over the place.




It was fun to decorate the houses too, to make each one different and give it a little personality.




The hardest thing was having patience to let the glitter glue dry.  These carefully drawn features didn’t stay that way for long, sadly!




But best of all was the generous application of glitter, fake snow and sequins!




One instance where more is most definitely better, don’t you think?

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