A beautiful world


It’s absolutely gorgeous here today, except for the fact that it’s well below freezing and the paths are treacherous outside the town centres.




Looking out of the window from a warm room, the light is magical.  There’s a pink rosy glow over the frosty trees and if I was of a mind to write poetry, then here’s the inspiration.




But I’m not, so I’ll sit here in the warmth and simply enjoy the scene of frost upon frost upon frost, for there must be at least three layers there and it’s not showing any sign of thaw yet.




To think that we’ve had it lucky so far, with only a small smattering of snow here and there when friends elsewhere in the country have been almost buried in the stuff.  But my goodness, it’s just as cold.




There was another lovely rosy glow in Cirencester this morning though, when I met a fellow blogger for a hot drink and a natter in Brewery Arts where the Fires and Feastings exhibition is showing.  Lovely things there!  We especially loved Clare Bassett’s “Escape Artist” series of prints and I’d be very happy indeed to discover a piece of Kerry O’Connor’s work in my stocking, too.  But there is as much pleasure to be had from small, thoughtful surprises too and following my recent penchant for Matrioska dolls, I was delighted with a little gift which will remind me of a lovely morning spent in like-minded company!




Cirencester’s Parish Church is wrapped up against the cold as it undergoes some considerable renovation.  I love the way these long-term wrappings are designed to add interest and this one is particularly fascinating (and difficult to photograph!)  It stands proudly over the rather splendid Christmas Market which is taking place in the Marketplace this year.  Feelings are a little mixed, for the resident traders are finding it tough going to compete with the Christmas stalls, especially with the traffic restrictions.  But it’s fun to see the town come alive and bustle with elegant, colourful sights, because this is a Very Smart Christmas Market indeed! 

Me?  I went on a silver glitter hunt and failed miserably, settling for a large bottle of gold from the Pound Shop (yes, not all of Cirencester’s shops are smart and elegant!) and then headed off to another exclusive emporium for one of these.

The story of the glitter

The story of the glitter

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