A beautiful day to be out and about

A beautiful day to be out and about


We had an errand to run at some point this week and when thinking about our plans, decided to make a bit more of it and have a day out.  We mentioned it to friends, who liked the idea and who agreed to meet us for lunch at a favourite spot. 

Could we have chosen a better day for a jaunt up country?


First stop was here.


We have several Whichford pots in our garden and as I was saying to the potter who spoke to my WI last week, they are the only ones we’ve found which reliably withstand low temperatures without damage – we love them.


Choosing a pot wasn’t difficult and having accomplished the main task of the day we still had an hour or so to spare.


So we headed for Mary’s favourite place.  We were too late for coffee so simply pootled around and ooohed and aaaahed (at the prices, mostly). 


Everything here looks beautiful, though!


Great minds think alike and having already bumped into our friends there amidst the beautiful people, we made our way a little further up the road for some lunch.  Same owners, same gorgeous aesthetic but rather quieter than the farm shop on a Tuesday half term lunchtime. 


The food was delicious.  We each indulged in starters, main courses and puddings and not one of those twelve plates was returned with a scrap on it.  My plate of rhubarb was beautiful and believe me, tasted as good as it looks.

Only one thing was missing.


A day’s work

A day’s work

Around here

Around here