Remember Shimelle’s Christmas Manifesto?  I think we’ve been over-achieving in the sparkle department already, with quite a few of our most elegant friends joining us on Sunday to celebrate the start of the season.  Those of us on “the home team” (the Son and Heir was here too) had a great time enjoying the company of our guests whose lively conversation and witty banter made the occasion another one to remember.

So, “Appreciate Sparkle”

I think we can also tick off “Cherish Family and Friends”, don’t you?

We’ve written and posted our cards already, so “Write real Christmas Cards”





The Stuart Singers Christmas Concerts were another huge success this year, in a packed Minchinhampton Church both Friday and Saturday nights.

“Sing Songs”

Not bad, so far then.  What about “Indulge in Sweetness” ?  Hmm, that’s not hard!




We cracked open a couple of bags of sweets we brought home from Boston, intended for the party on Sunday but sadly, forgotten until too late.  Candy Cane Kisses and some odd-flavoured M&Ms like Cherry Cordial and Pretzel just beg to be sampled and of course, our elegant friends brought along some rather elegant gifts




I’m hoping those berries will count towards my five a day?




But this year, we’ve been enjoying sweetness of a different sort as well.  On Saturday, we went to watch one of our small friends dance and sing in a delightful version of “Cinderella” in the little hall just up the road.




Then yesterday, it was the turn of her younger sister to be part of her school nativity play.  Having only just started school in September she did so well in her role as the donkey and we agreed, she did “wear a marvellous costume”!

(Full marks to the maker of the camel outfit, too, with that great mask and wonderful humps!)

So, I think we can now also say we've “Indulged in Sweetness”


Best laid plans

Brilliant idea

Brilliant idea